Real Assets

Realizing what we can do for society with our investments.

Through our funds, SPARX is a developer and operator of renewable energy power plants, which are powered by solar, wind and biomass energy.

We are shifting our focus from solar energy to biomass, geothermal and other renewable energy sources to be able to continue to generate high investment returns. At the same time, we are actively expanding into green hydrogen and corporate Power Purchase Agreements in anticipation of the end of Japan’s Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) scheme.

We develop, administer, and operate 342* renewable energy power stations across Japan.

Since being selected by the Tokyo Metropolitan government via public tender to manage its public-private cooperative infrastructure fund in June 20212, SPARX has significantly increased its investments in solar and other renewable energy power plants.

Starting with our first project in January 2013, we now manage 342* power stations across Japan.

We are engaged in developing, administering, and operating world-class, high-quality energy infrastructure to build a new, environmentally friendly green energy ecosystem primarily fueled by renewable energy.

  • Number of renewable energy power stations as of April 1, 2023