CEO Message

To Build a Sustainable Society Through Our Investments

"As an investment company and participant in the capital markets, SPARX aims to continuously create wealth, or economic value, and social value - health and happiness. We will also continuously seek out ways to achieve sustainable medium- and long-term growth for our group."

Today, the world faces a series of challenges that seem to expose the limits of capitalism. For example, worsening environmental problems, the polarization of society, which includes the widening income gap between the rich and poor; all challenges that negatively impact human life and a person's dignity. Even in these difficult times, SPARX strongly believes we should continue to address society's issues by positively contributing step by step as an investment company.

To build a better and sustainable society, what should we do as an investor? The first thing we must do is to find excellent corporate leaders who run growing and outstanding businesses. Also, we need to examine carefully whether a leader thinks right and acts right, as well as whether he or she embraces sustainable management practices to bring happiness to a greater number of people.

SPARX believes there is much we can do to contribute to a sustainable society. From the viewpoint of ESG, for example, we will invest in companies that can grow further while solving social issues. As a shareholder, we will think together on ways to create sustainable corporate value and continuously improve by considering ESG issues.

Also, it is essential for us to seek out and nurture the most highly skilled and motivated investment professionals because people do investment activities. Since the time of our foundation, we have not changed our belief that people are our most important asset and that we need to strive constantly to develop their professional and personal skills.

The first thing we need to do is to continue to make efforts as trusted and respected investors. Without such efforts, our integrity and intelligence would be questioned. We wholeheartedly support our investment professionals who are capable of thinking and acting by themselves, who are intelligent and able to communicate anywhere in the world. We will develop them further by offering chances so that they can flourish. We believe that this will lead to reinforcing our investment philosophy and supporting the sustainability efforts of the companies we invest in.

Shuhei Abe
President, CEO
Shuhei Abe