Private Equity

Unbound by form, we continue to challenge ourselves by pioneering new areas with our unique approach to fund formation and strategic investment.

Mirai Creation Fund

The Mirai Creation Fund 1 began operations in November 2015 with financing from three companies: Toyota Motor Corporation, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, and SPARX, the Fund’s general partner. Ultimately, the Fund received contributions from 20 companies, including the above three. Casting intelligent technologies, robotics, and hydrogen-economy technologies as vital to the future, Fund 1 has invested in approximately 50 companies and projects—from the US, the UK, Israel, Singapore, and Japan—that possess innovations in these fields. In H2 2018, SPARX began managing the Mirai Creation Fund 2, which targets the three existing SPARX Mirai fields along with the two additional areas of electrification and new materials. In October 2021, SPARX launched, with subsidiary SPARX Asset Management as the fund manager, the Mirai Creation Fund 3, adding carbon neutrality to the five fields of the Mirai Creation Fund 2.

The Space Frontier Fund

The Space Frontier Fund primarily seeks to support human resources and technology development in space-related industries, foster globally competitive Japanese space companies, and assist technological innovation throughout Japan. Under the subsidiary SPARX Innovation for the Future as its manager, the Fund began operations in June 2020.

Japan Monozukuri Mirai Fund

In December 2020, SPARX established the Japan Monozukuri Mirai Fund to invest in domestic manufacturers with outstanding technology and human resources.

The Fund invests in domestic manufacturing companies with superior technology, human resources, and services to maintain Japan’s advanced technology and skills and develop its future manufacturing capabilities. The Fund also supports these firms in improving productivity and operations and formulating management strategies. The Fund aims to contribute to society by developing Japanese manufacturing through its portfolio companies’ sustainable growth.

PKSHA SPARX Algorithm Fund 1

In February 2019, SPARX established the PKSHA SPARX Algorithm Fund 1 to drive the popularization and further use of artificial intelligence technologies.

The Fund operates under the joint management of SPARX AI & Technologies Investment, a SPARX subsidiary, and PKSHA Technology Capital LLC, a PKSHA subsidiary, and pursues an investment strategy meant to realize the basic philosophy of “accelerating society’s adoption of advanced software.”