Strengths of SPARX

Four Pillars of Growth

A hybrid model that combines our traditional strategy of investing in highly profitable listed stocks with the stable strategy of financing real assets/Private Equity

Japanese Equity, OneAsia, Real Assets, Private Equity

Business that receives fees at a fixed rate of AUM

Assets under management x balance fee ratio - recurring expenses = “basic earnings” is the actual earning power.

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FY-end AUM, Base Earnings

SPARX Group has set base earnings as its overriding administrative index. Base earnings demonstrate whether a business has the earning capacity needed for a sustainable, stable foundation. We use the following formula to calculate base earnings:
In financial accounting, operating profit includes one-time or additional performance fees, but these fees fluctuate considerably, according to trends in the stock market or business progress in real asset investments. Therefore, base earnings indicate genuine earning capacity.

Management fees – Commissions paid – Ordinary expenses = Base earnings